Sonic Source – Sorcerers of Sound LP

Sonic Source – Sorcerers of Sound LP

A collaborative effort, Sorcerers of Sound will be the first album from Sonic Source. It’s a compilation of tracks written by several of the members of the group in the years prior to becoming a band. Primarily a rock album, Sorcerers of Sound also draws on the influences of several genres.

Tracks such as This is Fun and Professional Lover have a sexy, high energy vibe, while Rabbit Hole and Lullaby will leave listeners with a serene state of calm. You’ll get the irresistible urge to dance to tracks like Soul Seeker and Above the Clouds, while Want It will leave you wanting more with it’s hard rock riffs and breakdowns!

Keep your eyes and ears peeled: Sonic Source is set to release their debut album, Sorcerers of Sound, in 2019!

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