A Band In Ship: Experimental, Prog Rock & Groove

A Band In Ship: Experimental, Prog Rock & Groove

Based out of Long Island, New York, A Band In Ship is an intricate powerhouse who is not afraid to experiment with sound and rhythm to form a unique Hard Rock, yet groove-based sound. As members of Still Current, Nick and Mike learned how to coexist seamlessly. They decided to form ABIS with the intent of giving Still Current’s originals new life with a new line-up.

Even as an original based band, they have a full arsenal of covers/mash-ups that range a variety of styles and often play full evenings of musical costumes. They pride themselves on being able to adapt to any venue or line-up via their genre spanning (and bending) repertoire!  Their Debut EP is out on One Alliance Records via Amazon and iTunes, as well as select record stores in the Tri-State area! To learn more about A Band In Ship, visit their website. Be sure to give them a listen here on SoundCloud or BandCamp and give them a like here on Facebook.

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