What is llnnll records?

A New Era in Artist Representation

Founded in 2016, llnnll records aims to set a new trend in the music industry. We believe that artists should have a platform to build on without having to sell their souls. Here at llnnll records, we are dedicated to your success! Our team works tirelessly to craft solutions to the problems that artists face as they try to penetrate the music scene.

For years, major record labels have been the dominating force in artist representation. With the promise of capital for recording, touring and merchandising coupled with cleverly worded contracts, it is easy for the up and coming musician to fall victim to labels’ predatory practices. By signing on the dotted line, artists become indebted to the entity and, more often than not, end up paying out of pocket for everything; from touring costs to pressing albums, manufacturing merchandise and more. At llnnll records, we believe in transparency. This means no hidden costs, no secret agendas, only our dedication to independent artists and a shared passion for music of all genres!

We understand the challenges of up and coming independent artists. The costs of recording, production, artwork, and pressing of an album can be steep! Further more, marketing, promotion, tours and merchandising each come with a price tag. Here at llnnll, we cover those costs for you! By joining our family, you become a share holder! llnnll is then able to brand, market, and promote your work with relative speed and ease. Artists receive these shares by trading intellectual property. These shares in the company are how our artist see returns on their projects.

We have spent the last several years cultivating connections that allow us to move through the process of establishing new artists painlessly. Our partnership with Saints Temple Studios makes studio time a breeze. Their team of in-house engineers are dedicated to producing only the highest quality studio recordings. No band? No problem! Whether you’re looking for collaborative input or precise recreation, being a llnnll artist gives you access to our wide network of studio musicians. Looking for album art? We’ve got you covered! Our retainer of phenomenal artist and graphic designers are ready to turn your concepts into stunning visual masterpieces. With all of these assets so close at hand, it’s a short walk from the songs in your head to the album in your hands!

Our mission is to enable the artistic expression of the passionate and represent the unique identity associated with your sound. We want you to be able to focus on your passion: Making the music you love! Let llnnll records handle the rest.

Love in the llnnll

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